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“Vagabonding is about using the prosperity and possibility of the information age to increase your personal options instead of your personal possessions.”

— Rolf Potts

I started my vagabonding journey close to seven years ago when I decided to drop out of school, quit my full-time job, and go from the central coast of California up to rural Alaska. To those that don’t know, vagabonding is a nomadic lifestyle that incorporates working job to job and long-term travel. My first leap into vagabonding was through the fishing industry in Naknek, Alaska.

It was a seasonal position in a remote village…

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The one guarantee of the future is change. There are times when change is exciting and, at other times, miserable.

Life experience is full of contrast, and it can be overwhelming when an unanticipated circumstance completely shatters our plans.

This contrast, this duality, is necessary for human experience. Death implies life, day implies night, and suffering implies happiness.

Everything in nature has its polarity making it possible for individual choice and preference. This is the beauty of duality; it gives us a diversity of choices, preferences, and experiences.

The recent events of the pandemic have forced the world into unforeseen…

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If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you be satisfied with the way you lived today?

If you knew today was your last day, would you continue with your daily routine?

It’s easy to get complacent in the monotony of our daily routines, as humans are creatures of habit. The Stoic concept of Memento Mori — remember you must die — is a great daily reminder that it is never certain you will wake up to see tomorrow.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking…

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The Disconnect

Humanity has grown disconnected; separated as individuals from the whole. Focused on what individuals can do for themselves, we’ve forgotten the interconnectedness of the earth and all life within it. Deracinated from our relationship with nature, our actions continue to catapult us into the demise of the very planet that brought us into being.

Oblivious consumerism flourishes as the Amazon is deforested. The elite watch their bank accounts overflow as the economy tanks and unemployment skyrockets. Corruption triumphs as ecosystems are treated as a source for commodities.

Unsatisfied by the race, yet we still continue to run. Shackled by…

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Albert Einstein, Lucy Stone, Carl Jung, Rick Doblin, and Mahatma Gandhi all shared a prominent quality throughout their lives. They were renegades of the systems the masses accepted as normal; they refused to accept the status quo; they questioned the structures and systems they were presented with; they were nonconformists of their times.

Each of these individuals had a major influence on human progress, whether it be through science, civil rights, psychology, or activism. These individuals led the way in reshaping and inspiring entire systems, structures, ideas, and movements.

Albert Einstein

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” …

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I came across a Charles Bukowski quote yesterday and followed it back to a letter he wrote to his publisher in 1986. Often intentionally portraying himself as a drunken dead-beat, Bukowski was a true artist as he was able to eloquently condense complex topics into impactful simplicity.

Bukowski quit his dead end job at the age of 49 risking everything, as he would rather be a starving artist than miserable at his 9–5. A publisher named John Martin offered offered Bukowski $100 a month for life to quit his job and write full-time. …

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Why meditate when you can scroll through social media, play video games, watch Netflix, or get something done around the house?

We live in a world of constant distraction, and it can be very difficult to stay on track without some sort of mindfulness practice.

The mind is constantly jumping from one topic to another, one emotion to the next.

It's understandable, the human brain has evolved to detect potential threats for your survival. But what about when you're safe in bed at night, and your mind is still racing?

It's too easy to get wrapped up in the complexity…

We are currently living through the biggest transitional period in human history.

The rapidly changing times we are experiencing are exposing the faults in the systems we’ve been indoctrinated into.

The unsustainable nature of the current economic model is blatant as the house of cards begins to sway. Inequality continues to soar endlessly, but there is hope.

Decentralized finance is on the rise and the benefits for its users have the potential to blow traditional banking into oblivion.

In this article, we will delve into the inner-workings of Traditional Finance, Decentralized Finance, the bridge between the two, and the pros…

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There are times in life when the plot of reality becomes stranger than fiction. Life likes to throw a plot twist into the narrative before the story becomes too predictable.

Recent events have led the world into a plot twist only Bill Gates could have seen coming. As a human species, we can tend to get complacent in our ways as we cling to comfort in normalcy; but time implies constant change, and time never stops.

In a world faced with immense uncertainty, how can we expect to go on with our lives when there is no way to be…

In the modern digital world, entertainment is readily available in our pockets, and instant gratification is calling our attention left and right.

In a world of distractions, it is easy to get pulled into habitual activities for hours on end. Whether it be through social media, advertisements, video games, video streaming, or smartphones, our attention is being fought for to an extent incomparable to any other period in human history.

The human brain has not evolved to keep up with the exponential growth of this digital evolution. …

Nathan Borealis

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